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Meeting Advisor info

What is a Meeting Advisor?

The AW-AR-LG is seeking a wide range of anti-racist perspectives from arts workers and educators who aren't white – primarily those with a focus on decolonization, Black radical history, Indigenous radical history, and specific anti-racist praxis. We are hiring Meeting Advisors because white people cannot properly discuss these issues solely amongst themselves. Meeting Advisors can engage with participants however they would like. This can include providing topics, guiding conversations, sharing their work, presenting research, or simply being present. 

Session Fee

All Meeting Advisors will be paid $600 per meeting, aside from any additional donations made by attendees. White attendees will be strongly encouraged to pay the Advisors and the people whose works they research. 


Advisor commitment expectations:

–Assign a reading to discuss.

–Meet with AW-AR-LG organizers via Zoom for a one-hour planning session.

–Attend the two-hour AW-AR-LG meeting as Advisor (also via Zoom).  

Interested in being a Meeting Advisor? 

Please contact us at awantiracismresources@gmail.com